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Stakeholder engagement is critically important for the success of KARMA and for the dissemination and exploitation of its results. A total of 15 national / regional stakeholders from Spain, France, Italy, Lebanon and Tunisia contribute to KARMA. These stakeholders include water authorities and national park services who have contributed already during the preparation of the pre-proposal by defining their needs and requirements. There is a two-way interaction between stakeholders and the project: Stakeholders contribute by delivering data, maps and information, and by giving access to their sites; in turn, stakeholders benefit from the project by obtaining knowledge and tools required for the improved sustainable management of karst groundwater resources in terms of availability and quality, such as early-warning systems, improved modeling tools and estimations of the floodwater storage potential.






Governmental agencies in the Middle

East and North Africa (BGR network)


IAH Karst Commission


Ministry of Environment, Andalusia


Different regional councils


Provincial administrations of Málaga


Aqualia water company


Montpellier Mediterranée Métropole (MMM)


Agence de l'Eau Rhone Mediterranée Corse (AERMC)


National Park of Gran Sasso and Laga Mts.


Water companies Gran Sasso Acqua / Ruzzo


River District Authority


University of L'Aquila


Beirut and Mount Lebanon Water Establishment (EBML)


Litani Water Aquthority (LWA)


Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW)


CRDA Zaghouan


SONEDE Zaghouan