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KARMA Deliverables

Work Package 1 - Project Management, Dissemination & Communication


Work Package 2 - Water availability


Work Package 3 - Water quality


Work Package 4 - Modeling tools


Work Package 5 - Mediterranean karst aquifer map & database



KARMA policy briefs


KARMA Publications

  • Cinkus G, Mazzilli N, Jourde H, Wunsch A, Liesch T, Ravbar N, Chen Z, Goldscheider, N (2023) Technical note: When best is the enemy of good – critical evaluation of performance criteria in hydrological models. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, Preprint.
  • Cinkus G, Wunsch A, Mazzilli N, Liesch T, Chen Z, Ravbar N, Doummar J, Fernández-Ortega J, Barberá JA, Andreo B, Goldscheider N, Jourde H (2023) Comparison of Artificial Neural Networks and Reservoir models for simulating karst spring discharge. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 27, 1961–1985.
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